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Compatible with MP3/WMA/MPEG 4/AVI/USB/SD/CD/DVD

Radio Data System – additional information storage in radio mode

Anti-Shock System – best multimedia experience, even on rough surfaces

CD/DVD Radio System

Support original steering wheel button control – resistive commands learning possibility

2 x SD card slot – one for music, movies, video, and one for GPS software

MOSFET 4 x 50 Watt

MP3 with ID3-Tag files play: system displays artist, song, album name

Built-in Bluetooth (support hands-free call system); music through A2DP

MOSFET 4 x 50 Watt

MP3 with ID3-Tag files play: system displays artist, song, album name

Built-in Bluetooth (support hands-free call system); music through A2DP

Impressive Power, clearer Sound

The new Cortex A9 1.2 GHz processor offers Edonav higher performance and stability than ever.

Reduced booting time, touchscreen, high sound quality – these are only some of the most important functions of the multimedia navigation system.

Radio Data System (RDS) allows additional information storage in radio mode.

The Anti-Shock System offers you the best multimedia experience, even on rough surfaces. This is an important aspect when playing CDs, DVDs, USBs and SD cards.

Another great function is Last Position Memory. The system remembers the movie you were watching or the song you were listening to when you turn off the device, so the next time you turn it on, it will continue playing from where you left.

Edonav has a much clearer sound, thanks to its Digital Signal Processor (DSP). High quality audio components, its Digital Signal Processor, as well as converting analog signal into distortion-free digital sound, ensure Edonav a perfect sound quality.

Improved acoustic experience thanks to DSP preset EQ/Rock/Jazz/Pop/Classic. Now you can set the sound according to your own personal prefferences.

Limitless Multimedia Experience

Thanks to its 6.5 inch wide touchscreen, with Edonav is easier than ever to select your favorite media, with a simple touch. In this way, a remote control is no longer needed and the functions are much more intuitive.

With Edonav, you no longer have to give up on your multimedia collection when you go on vacation. The system allows you to easily play your favorite CDs and DVDs.

Through the USB/SD inputs it is possible to store up to 32 GB of data. When playing MP3 files, Edonav displays ID3-Tags, which allow you to see the artist’s name, song or album.


Edonav has a built-in Bluetooth function and audio streaming is possible through A2DP (iPhone, Android etc.).

The Bluetooth connection allows you to play songs and radio applications straight from your phone.

With the Bluetooth function, you can use Edonav in hands-free mode. In this way, you can keep both your hands on the steering wheel and not get distracted by using your phone.

Another advantage of this function is recording your phone agenda in the system, so it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Additional inputs/outputs

Rear-view camera. Parking your car safely is no longer a problem. Next to its AV input, Edonav is featured with AUX input for rear-view camera.Edonav is also featured with RCA input for subwoofer and AV input for displays and game consoles.

Edonav supports original steering wheel button control and has resistive commands learning possibilities. According to your car model, a CAN-BUS adapter may be required. Through the RCA input you can easily connect an amplifier or subwoofer. The AV input allows you to connect additional monitors or game consoles, for a complete multimedia experience.

Edonav - top characteristics

Edonav allows you to enjoy improved operating power, which is 60% higher than previous models thanks to its Quad-Core Cortex A9 1.2 GHz processor. This makes Edonav the fastest multimedia navigation system in its class.

Enjoy a higher multimedia experience through clear and detailed images, displayed at 800 x 480 px resolution, while the 6.2” HD capacitive touchscreen ensures increased accuracy and fast response.

Usability and efficiency thanks to the built-in GPS system. You can easily find your favorite destination, points of interest on the way and plan your route according to your preferences. Fast and intuitive!

Impressive power thanks to the built-in MOSFET 4 x 50 W amplifier, which ensures an excellent in car audition environment.

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Enjoy your time in the car

Choose Edonav navigation system for a memorable multimedia experience!

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Edonav is an exclusive Edotec brand. Edotec Romania is located in Cluj County and began its activity in 2008. Since then, Edotec specialised in the import and distribution of dedicated and universal multimedia navigation systems, auto connectors and multimedia interfaces. is the most diversified In Car Entertainment shop in Romania, with over 3500 products listed.

Our products include:

  • dedicated and universal auto multimedia navigation systems with GPS and internet
  • auto connectors
  • multimedia interfaces with OEM integration system
  • auto TV tuners
  • dedicated and universal infrared rear-view cameras
  • LCD and DVD headrest
  • car roof mount LCD and DVD monitors
  • Latest technology. We are dedicated in following the latest trends and we constantly renew our stocks with new products.
  • Stocks. Constant and diversified stocks of products.
  • Price. We strive to always keep competitive prices.
  • Product testing. We have a highly experimented team that tests the products before delivery, to ensure that all packages are delivered in the best conditions.
  • Quick delivery. We deliver our products anywhere in the world through resellers, end users, catalogues and install shops.
  • Technical support. We offer real-time technical support.
  • Reseller network. We have a national network of over 150 resellers and authorized installers.
  • Brands exclusivity. We are the only importer and distributor in Romania for the following brands: Dynavin, Connects2, Caraudio Systems.

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